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“Voice” in the United Kingdom, with the advent of American-style tipping

“Voice” in the United Kingdom, with the advent of American-style tipping

A “Lively Debate” Outrage in the United Kingdom “On the Evolution of Tipping Culture.”, reports telegram Friday 17 May.

This is “A preferred knight to show your appreciation for excellent service” used to be “relatively rare” In the country, the newspaper writes. But recently, British restaurants and bars are now adding a “service charge” to their customers' bills.

These service charges are as follows: “It's becoming an expected burden in some parts of the country – particularly in the capital, sparking outrage among customers who feel unfairly squeezed”.

“We're Not Yankees”

The newspaper noted that L'Escargot, one of London's oldest French restaurants, closed last year after renovations. “Silently increased service charges” Additionally, it raises them from 13.5% to 15%.

A copy of a memo from the restaurant was posted on Reddit, prompting “A heated debate” Among online forum users. “We're not Yankees. Tips are good service and optional”One of them said annoyed.

“Ideas such as this suggest that the UK is moving towards an American-style tipping culture, where a tip is expected not only in restaurants, but also in bars, pubs and restaurants, taxis and other businesses – and not leaving a tip is considered a serious insult.”The newspaper notices.

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