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England are ready to host the final in Istanbul

England are ready to host the final in Istanbul

The United Kingdom says on Friday it is ready to host the Champions League final scheduled to take place in Istanbul between English clubs Chelsea and Manchester City, following strict restrictions on travel to Turkey due to health conditions.

From May 12, entry into the UK from Turkey will be banned except for UK and UK residents. But the latter would have to be subjected to an isolation at the hotel at a cost of 7 1,750 (approximately யூ 2,000) per person.

“We have to add Turkey to the red list and it will have repercussions,” Transport Minister Grant Shops told reporters.

“This means that I am afraid that the supporters will not go to Turkey for the Champions League. I can tell you that the English Federation is in discussions with the UEFA on this matter and we are ready to host the final.”

The UEFA did not immediately respond, but a spokesman promised Thursday: “The final is scheduled for Istanbul and ticket details will be released on Friday.”

The United Kingdom is the country where more than 127,000 people have died in Europe, the worst affected country by the Govt-19 epidemic.

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Thanks to the harsh imprisonment imposed for three months in early January and the vaccination campaign among the most advanced in Europe, the health condition has improved significantly with about 2,000 cases and fifteen deaths a day.

The UK government imposes strict border controls to avoid importing new cases of the virus and anti-vaccine variants.