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2021 FIFA Futsal World Cup - News - United States, Panama, Costa Rica and Guatemala Book Tickets

2021 FIFA Futsal World Cup – News – United States, Panama, Costa Rica and Guatemala Book Tickets

  • The CONCACAF Futsal Championship 2021 takes place in Guatemala
  • There are four places in the queue for the FIFA Futsal World Cup
  • The United States, Panama, Costa Rica and Guatemala Lithuania have qualified for 2021

The 2021 CONCACAF Futsal Nations Championship is currently taking place in Guatemala, the capital of Guatemala. All editions of this edition take place in Domo Polytechnic, this Friday, May 7, in the quarterfinals, in which the winners take four qualifiers for the FIFA Futsal World Cup Lithuania 2021.

Initially, the United States defeated the Dominican Republic to become the first team to qualify for a regional tournament. The dual CONCACAF champions in 1996 and 2004, the Americans have returned to the world stage for the first time since 2008. “We know we have to play with very strong defense. We have a great performance to qualify and not reach a goal. The potential of every player is huge,” said Rafael Arajo, one of the two scorers after the match. We celebrated every challenge. The key to winning and qualifying for the World Cup today is to play with strong defense. We are constantly creating something in every sport and I think qualifying for the World Cup is going to completely change things in the United States. Futsal is going to grow a lot and we are very happy to be able to do so. “

In the last square, the Stars and lines Guatemalans crossing the swords with hosts, fined from El Salvador, for last day’s meeting (tab 3-3, 4-3).

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For their part, Panama sealed their participation in the tournament in Lithuania after beating Canada in a close match. At the end of regulation time, both teams were tied 1-1. In the penalty shoot-out, the Central Americans won 4-3 and will continue to play in their third World Cup.

In the process, Costa Rica followed suit and qualified third in North, Central America and the Caribbean region after the tsunami fell effortlessly. The Dicos The Surinamese managed to save the honor but (12-1) gave the opponents no chance by scoring 12 goals.

At the end of the day, Guatemala, the qualifying guest, became the last team to confirm their participation in the World Cup after beating El Salvador, without trembling. Both teams scored in regulation time (3-3), and during the penalty shoot-out, The Sabins Had strong veins (tab 4-3).

Quarterly Results:

United States 2-0 Dominican Republic
Panama 🇵🇦 1-1 (4-3 tab) Canada
Costa Rica 🇨🇷 12-1 Suriname
Guatemala 🇬🇹 3-3 (-3 tab) Salvador

The semi-finals will be played on May 8 and the final on May 9.