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Emmanuel Macron saturates the media space and presents his desire to stay in business

Pension reform? It takes ” Implement This is what Emmanuel Macron says to show that he wants to move forward and that he is not afraid of a challenge, even if he admits it. The work of conviction must continue Especially during the debate on the bill proposed by the LIOT group with the aim of abolishing the reform, on June 8.

A boss who wants to appear at work and assertive, and repeat “ I suppose On all subjects, particularly 49.3, which removes criticisms of her judgment: ” I don’t know if I’m vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. I try to do what I say. »

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rule “until the last second”

The president also accuses the opposition. of irresponsibility And for those who ask to clarify their positions, especially with regard to immigration.

Its priority goal in the entire chain of remanufacturing: work. “ I believe in liberation by working against the commissioning society Target, middle classes: Those who are rich cannot be helped and not enough to live well which promises to continue tax cuts.

From speeches to field sequences and interviews, Emmanuel Macron saturates the media space to go on the political offensive, with a desire, as he says, to rule. until the last second “.

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