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COVID-19: No new cases in Mauricie and Center-du-Québec |  COVID-19 |  news |  the talk

COVID-19: No new cases in Mauricie and Center-du-Québec | COVID-19 | news | the talk

DrAccording to the latest statistics from the Center for Health and Social Services of the Integrated University of Maurice and the Center de Québec, no new deaths have been reported. Nobody enters the hospital.

Morrissey has five active cases, as opposed to the Quebec Center’s eight.

On the other hand, the regional CIUSSS asks residents to avoid going to hospital emergency rooms for minor health problems in order to reduce pressure on this service.

Significant emergency traffic is observed in the area. Additionally, the network has to contend with a labor shortage.

This is why CIUSSS reminds people who do not have symptoms of COVID-19 to call 811, check with their pharmacist, or contact their family doctor for minor problems. People who do not have a family doctor can call the first-line office at 1844313-2029 to schedule an appointment with a specialist. Trois-Rivieres Clinic ( can also be reached for people from Trois-Rivieres and the surrounding area.

If you need to see a doctor but have symptoms of COVID-19, call 1877644-4545 To make an appointment at a particular assessment clinic. For babies under three months old, go to a hospital emergency room.

811 is also a gateway for psychosocial support.

An emergency must be used for urgent health problems. If your life is in danger, go there or call 911.

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