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Elvis Presley’s Cadillac enthusiasts put up an auction on his 87th birthday

Zapping Autonews’ story Opel Kadett A (1962) x Opel Astra (2021): La Rincontre

In 1975 Elvis acquired this car. Bought it new at the time for $12,512. If he drove it for a few months, the king ceded it in 1976 to his physician, Dr. George Nikopoulos. Don’t be surprised by this gift from Presley to someone close to him. The person who embodies rock music par excellence was accustomed to this practice. It is estimated that he bought 200 Cadillacs in his lifetime and gave a large portion of them to those close to him.

Dr. Nikopoulos will keep it for 10 years before selling it to its current owner. This is where the story gets funny. The latter first sold it in 1990 before buying it again. He resides in Sweden and believes it is time to let go of this part of history.

In addition to Cadillac (Auctions take place here), a future buyer will receive period photographs, a ‘Graceland’ wallpaper (Elvis’s home) and a 14k gold key.

to summarize

One of the many Cadillacs purchased by Elvis Presley will be auctioned on Car & Classic on Saturday, January 8, 2022. The date has not been chosen at random. This is the 87th anniversary of his birth. The new Cadillac was purchased by King in 1975 before being handed over to her doctor the following year.

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