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Mike Ward's beer in Shebagan created a city and a cultural community

Mike Ward’s beer in Shebagan created a city and a cultural community

And he refused to start his program last Saturday in front of 800 people until the beer was available to his fans.

The municipality is responsible for the bar service permit in the square. But nothing was planned.

Mike Ward’s show was held last Saturday at the Rhéal-Cormier Center in Shippagan

Photo: Radio Canada / Rene Landry

The show finally started after 45 minutes, according to the head of the House of Culture, Diane Dechen.

Do you have beer over here?

Send someone over there to say on the microphone that the show won’t start until everyone has drunk, beer in the roomas you say.

A member of his team went to buy fifty boxes of 24 cans of beer at the New Brunswick Liquor Store in Shepagan.

NB Liquor, at Shippagan

Mike Ward purchased at least 50 boxes of 24 cans of beer from the NB Liquor branch of Shippagan.

Photo: Radio Canada / Rene Landry

Then a truck carrying the cargo headed to the track.

A truck enters the arena full of beer cratesDiane Dechen is still surprised. Yes, yes, directly in the arena. After that, Mike gave Ward cans of beer enwille strong.

The city of Shebjan and the cultural community did not find the situation very funny. Mayor Kassem Doumbia talks about a missed opportunity.

I don’t want to blame anyoneMayor Kassem Doumbia insists. There may have been a lack of communication on both sides. In the municipality we did not take the opportunity to provide the service.

When I learned that there was no service, and that Mr. Ward had taken the initiative to serve alcohol, I immediately asked the city to reimburse him for the beer he had bought, which he refused.Mayor says.

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Water, disaster

On site, the city general manager took care of distributing free bottles of water, which is somewhat of a disaster.

Diane DesChênes explains that the task of the cultural community is not to sell alcohol, but to make performances. She admits she was surprised.

Are you going to ask Mike Ward to do a show in Shepgan?

yes. But I will specify in the contract that he is not entitled to bring or serve drink.

Mike Ward’s agent, Michael Grenier, said the comedian really enjoyed his six-show tour in New Brunswick.