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Elected officials in the United States want to end their contract with Hydro-Québec

With Quebec’s impending electricity shortages, some Americans are considering ending lucrative electricity contracts, fearing that Hydro won’t be able to meet its obligations.

“A careful examination of the new realities of electricity production and demand in Quebec could provide the state of Massachusetts with solid reasons to terminate the NECEC contract in favor of clean energy sources with lower environmental impacts,” it all comes from just Americans-elect to Francois Legault.

“Hydro-Quebec’s claims of significant excess electricity and low-risk energy turned out to be false,” they say.

Radio-Canada reporter Alexander Panetta shared the message on Twitter.

The letter quotes former Hydro-Québec CEO Eric Martel, who said at the time: [N]We’re in overdrive. You need American lines to export that. I don’t want to throw away ten terawatts of water every year and not monetize it.” To put that figure into perspective, HQ claimed it wastes as much electricity each year as Maine consumes in a year.

Hydro-Quebec’s claims now appear false. An electricity shortage has already appeared in Quebec. New information indicates that the headquarters is facing a prolonged period of power shortages. »

More details will follow…

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