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Pierre-Carl Pelado discusses future cuts of Groupe TVA

Quebecor CEO Pierre-Carl Pelado said on Radio-Canada Thursday night that more cuts could occur at the TVA group.

“Will there be [des compressions chez Groupe TVA] ? Yes, maybe with time,” Pierre-Carl Pelado said in an interview with Gerald Fillion on RDI’s Zone Économie on Thursday.

“Because we will not be able to live with losses like the one we suffered in the first quarter indefinitely,” Mr. Péladeau continued. No one, no business can live with permanent losses. »

Recall that in February, Quebecor eliminated 240 positions, including 140 at Groupe TVA.

Photo by Patrick Sunfaun Press

Quebecor CEO Pierre-Carl Pelado

Quebecor’s CEO had just discussed its recent acquisition of Freedom Mobile. In doing so, the telecom giant made its way into Western Canada and became Canada’s fourth largest wireless service provider.

When asked directly about Groupe TVA, Pierre-Carl Pelado confirmed that the company was not expected to close. “No, we don’t intend to get rid of it, but it will certainly require a culture change, to work differently,” he said.

Gerald Fillion confirmed that Mr Péladeau had no plans to shut down loss-making TVA Sports “for now”. We are waiting for the arbitration decision [au CRTC]It will be crucial for the future of TVA Sports.”

The decline in TVA Sports’ profitability was one of the main factors cited by management in mid-February to explain the implementation of the restructuring plan due to the poor results of TVA Group.