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Canadian to solve all our problems

Canadian to solve all our problems

Things are not going well in the world, but the Canadian is getting better.

People shoot each other in Israel and Ukraine. But Kaiden Guhle has a bright future.

People line up at food banks because groceries are expensive. But Brendan Gallagher has been revived.

It turns out there are also homeless people in Baie-Saint-Paul, so many that the housing crisis is hitting hard. But Joshua Roy filled the net for Laval.

Adults with a high school diploma can only teach our children so much that there is a shortage of teachers. But Juraj Slakowski scored a goal.

Our nurses have to sleep on their feet trying to take care of everyone. But Lane Hutson dominates the NCAA.

Our judicial system releases bandits because the procedures are too long. But Jake Allen is very excited.

Our sheikhs should pray to God to wash their homes. But Logan Maillox is very promising.

The world is divided and arguing… without embarrassment about everything: the environment, the tunnel, the tram, gender identity, immigration, the vaccine… but Sean Monahan plays like a star.

In short, what’s left at least? CH is improving.

The only hope

For many fans, this is the only hope to keep their spirits up during this storm.

Al-Kindi is the only way to get out of routine, worries, anxiety and what is bad in life.

You have to believe in something to overcome life’s obstacles. If it’s about religion here, Al-Kindi is there for that.

People need to believe the Canadian is going to be good again.

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I was lining up for a big day last Sunday. I was actually riding the Christmas train for the kids. I know it’s too early. But we always did.

And the Newspaper A I posted online a column about Juraj Slavkovski that I wrote earlier last week. And pading padang.

I wrote that Slavkowski was the worst overall pick in the last 26 years in terms of offensive statistics. It’s just a fact. nothing else.

I didn’t write that he was corrupt. I would like to become a machine. I pointed out that Joe Thornton and Owen Nolan also had difficult beginnings despite their professional success.

I received a torrent of hate. I kind of expected it. But not to this extent.


At least, someone compared me to “the little big guy from Classels”, but it’s still not that bad.

I tried to defend myself a little on social media. But there was nothing that could be done. I’ve already hunted for them.

All this allowed me to understand something better.

Many fans simply don’t want to be stopped from believing in it, or from dreaming about which team will win.

If I were a columnist in Minnesota and had written this article, it would not have caused so much outrage.

But this is different. For these audiences here we should not present a topic if it is negative for CH. Even if it’s realistic. As if you were with the team.

And I can understand them. It is true that CH is still there. No matter what’s going on in our lives, when you’re a fan, CH is there.

Plus, the holiday season is coming. People want the fun and magic of Christmas, gingerbread and hot chocolate. Scrooge needn’t say anything less charming about our team.

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But at least CH is improving.