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EA SPORTS is said to be picking a new name for FIFA games

EA SPORTS is said to be picking a new name for FIFA games

Apparently EA SPORTS was already going to find a new name for the franchise’s games FIFA You may have heard it before.

Since its debut in 1994, EA SPORTS’ football video game franchise has long been known as FIFA, the official name for Fenlightenment meinternational Ffootball to meorganisation. Now it is difficult to separate the two.

A few years ago, most of the community laughed at EA SPORTS’ desire to drop the name. But last October, all the signs indicated the end of the collaboration between EA and FIFA.

EA Sports – A Brand of Electronic Arts

Before long, FIFA players on all platforms should be able to play together.

Reports said FIFA is asking EA for $2.5 billion to continue the deal. Ultimately, EA confirmed that it was considering changing the name of its popular franchise to something different while dropping the FIFA name.

EA SPORTS would have chosen to replace FIFA

According to journalist Jeff Grob, they seem to have agreed on a new name for the series. It is already a well known name for the franchise.

“EA Sports Football Club, EA Sports FC is the name of the game”Jeff Group said GrubbSnax Show.

He completed: “I saw trademarks for it, I thought it would just be a feature like online mode. I asked around… but that’s it, that’s the name.”

For players who tried FIFA 15 a few years ago, the name EA FC will undoubtedly bring back memories. This was the name used for the in-game catalog and social hub to view your friends’ activity.