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Incognito Shield, Future Trains for Small Lines... Top 3 Videos of the Week

Incognito Shield, Future Trains for Small Lines… Top 3 Videos of the Week

Invisible armor that can hide everything

Check out the video here.

Harry Potter better watch out. For just over €350, British startup Invisibility Shield will have the perfect functional invisibility shield for you in just a few months. An optical illusion created from simple vertically oriented lenses, specifically designed to direct a lot of reflected light from a person who would like to vanish left or right.

Light and standard trains of the future in short lines

Check out the video here.

In order to be able to provide high quality service to the residents of rural and sparsely populated areas, SNCF It is based on Flexy and Draisy, two so-called light trains developed under the Tech4Mobility programme. Flexi is a nine-seat rail-powered electric transport vehicle, capable of running on both rail and road. Also 100% electric with its electric motor and battery power storage, the Drake should be able to carry 80 passengers (including 30 seats).

how Renault Tests the electromagnetic compatibility of his cars

Check out the video here.

L’Usine Nouvelle was able to visit the Renault Technical Center in Aubevoye (Eure), a center dedicated to electromagnetic compatibility testing of vehicles at its Technical Center in Aubevoye (Eure). Opened in 1982, this site plays a major role in the development of cars designed by Renault. Here the group tests all vehicles in its range for reliability.

determinant for you

Diamonds from CO, CTTM Experiments with thermoacoustics and experiments on sound waves at Ensim ... Top 3 videos of the week
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