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More greedy, still adorable

More greedy, still adorable

Thirty years is something we celebrate. So Kirby is back in full force on Nintendo Switch consoles this weekend with what could be his funniest adventure ever. It’s hard (read: impossible) not to smile when you’re controlling Kirby, the candy-pink little Nintendo hero. After all, he’s been with us, year after year, for three decades now, keeping his constant good mood. In short, we had a great time at his company. Obviously, this will not change.

This time around, our brave hero finds himself hurled into a world abandoned by humans, now in ruins (think of a watered down version of the last of us) from which he must rescue Waddle Dees’ friends. Again, he will achieve this with the help of his almost infinite skills, because, let’s remember for starters, this little man absorbs the skills of his enemies by swallowing them up.

Nothing new under the sun of course. but even if Kirby and the Forgotten Land By no means reinvents the classic formula, but rather refines and perfects it, bringing it to its peak.

After all, why the sheer pursuit of revolutionizing a well-functioning mechanism? And so we risk tarnishing our dear Kirby logo, the logo of an entire generation in the same way as Mario and Luigi.

Between tradition and modernity

But if he remains true to his essence, Kirby and the Forgotten Land Not already bringing its share of novelties. Greedier than ever, our hero is no longer content to swallow his enemies. This time, he’s swallowing different things – some of impressive size – from the vending machine to the car, passing by the light bulb, the stands, or the locker block.

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Some of them give him great fighting skills. On the other hand, others will allow him to reveal secret passages, spin at high speed, or even reach new heights. These are the fun add-ons that revitalize the experience and increase the fun, which is really important.

Another novelty? 3D integration brings a touch of modernity, an aspect often lacking in Kirby’s earlier adventures. However, we would have liked a more collaborative and less rugged camera.

However, the conclusion is clear. Our beloved Kirby has not grown up a bit. So we joyfully follow him back into his colorful, highly creative and fun world.

  • Kirby and the Forgotten Land ★★★★ ☆

Available on Nintendo Switch