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Drama at Laval Nursery: The accused will undergo his preliminary investigation in March

Drama at Laval Nursery: The accused will undergo his preliminary investigation in March

The man accused of killing two 4-year-old children by ramming his bus into a nursery last February will undergo a preliminary investigation next March.

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Pierre Ni Saint-Amand participated in the hearing this morning via video, live from the National Institute of Forensic Psychiatry Philippe Pinel, where he is being held.

He is being tried in connection with the tragedy that occurred on February 8. He then became a driver for the Société de Transport de Laval, and allegedly drove his car head-on to a day care home in the Sainte-Rose district of Laval. Two children were killed and six others were injured.

He was then allegedly stripped naked before being restrained by his parents at the scene.

Witnesses who were present at the time of the tragedy will also be heard during the preliminary investigation, which will take place on March 25, announced the prosecutor in the case, Ms.H Karen Dalfond.

Relatives will bear witness

The investigator will also testify, as will the psychiatrist and psychiatrist. A psychological evaluation was already conducted earlier this year, but the court is currently sealed.

The accused’s relatives are also expected to take the witness stand.

A preliminary investigation is not a trial, but rather a stage of the legal process that enables it to be determined whether the evidence is sufficient to hold a trial.

Julien Lesperance-Houdon, representing Pierre-ne-Saint-Amand, believes that there is nothing in the evidence to suggest that the crime, if indeed committed by the accused, was premeditated.

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All witnesses are scheduled to be heard for four days, the parties informed Judge Sandra Blanchard this morning at the Laval court. The preliminary investigation will be conducted in St. Jerome.

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