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Double your space with these five tips

Double your space with these five tips

Packing your suitcase can sometimes feel like a real logistical headache. Between clothes, shoes, accessories, and essentials, the space fills up fast.

However, thanks to the ingenious tips that TikTokeuse shares on social networks, optimizing your suitcase space becomes a much easier task. In this article, we offer five practical tips that will allow you to make the most of the space in your suitcase while keeping your belongings organized and avoiding wrinkles and tangles.

Travel bag: straps tucked inside collared shirts

As you begin the process of packing your bag, consider the clever idea of ​​neatly rolling up your belts to store them inside collared shirts. This simple practice, while highly effective, offers a double benefit. In fact, it not only optimizes the use of space inside your suitcase, but also proves to be a preventive method to avoid unpleasant creases that may form on belts and shirts. This technology proves to be of remarkable benefit, especially for business trips where maintaining a neat and flawless appearance is paramount.

Travel bag: Maximize space by rolling socks into shoes

Travel bag maximizes space by rolling socks into shoes

To take full advantage of the limited space in your bag, it’s essential to recognize the value of the rolling method. Make sure to roll the socks carefully before putting them in your shoes. Not only does this clever strategy maximize available space, but it also provides a significant functional advantage by preserving the shape and integrity of your shoes.

This approach proves particularly valuable for delicate footwear, such as high-quality leather shoes or sneakers with elaborate designs. By following this method, you achieve a double benefit: not only do you save precious space, but you also ensure that your shoes maintain their original shape, thus preventing any risk of deformation or damage during your travels.

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Travel Case: Organize chargers in old sunglasses cases

Travel case organizes chargers in old sunglasses cases

There’s no denying that the confusion caused by tangling cables and chargers in our bags can be frustrating. To put an end to this annoying mess, there is an ingenious way to adopt it. Find a clever solution by placing chargers inside old sunglasses cases. This smart approach has a host of benefits.

Not only do they allow you to keep your magazines neatly organized, but they also provide valuable protection against premature wear and potential damage. By making use of this trick, you are providing an extra level of care to your electronic accessories while you are at work Tripswhich extends their life and saves you from having to untangle tangled cables.

Travel bag: Use sunglasses bags to prevent knots

When you’re in a hurry, always taking care of jewelry, especially delicate necklaces, is to prevent unwanted tangles. The possibility of your precious accessories getting mixed up with one another can be a source of frustration. Fortunately, TikTokeuse shares an invaluable tip for eliminating this problem.

She recommends using over-the-top sunglass covers in this case. By sliding your collars across the top of these boxes, you are giving them a careful preparation, thus preventing any form of entanglement. This simple yet ingenious method ensures that your jewelry will remain in perfect condition and ready to wear as soon as you leave your home. suitcase.

Travel case: Protect your makeup palettes with cotton pads

Finally, one trick that’s causing a particular stir is preserving the often fragile makeup palettes. Travelers who are aware of the risk of breakage and potential inconvenience when traveling will find this advice invaluable. La TikTokeuse shares with you this precautionary way to keep your makeup palettes safe: Gently insert a cotton ball inside these palettes.

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By taking this approach, you are taking proactive steps to ensure that your favorite cosmetics remain intact and flawless throughout your journey. So you can for travel With peace of mind, knowing your makeup will be ready to boost your strength with every use, without the risk of breakage or deterioration.

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