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ChatGPT is among the top 10 most influential researchers in the journal “Nature”

ChatGPT is among the top 10 most influential researchers in the journal “Nature”

A non-human researcher appears for the first time among the ten most influential researchers published annually by the scientific journal Nature. Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered chatbot ChatGPT has already earned a place on the list, which includes eleven names this year.

ChatGPT has dominated the news this year and its impact is being felt in science and society“, confirms Richard Munstersky, editor-in-chief of Nature magazine. “He helped write scientific papers, sometimes secretly. He created content for presentations, grant applications, and training courses, wrote computer code, and served as a sounding board for research ideas“, Nature wrote in an article dedicated to ChatGPT.

Therefore, the inclusion of the chatbot in the top ten positions is “Recognize the profound ways in which generative AI impacts the development and advancement of science“, notes Richard Munstersky.

But the coin has another side. ChatGPT definitely has it”hallucination“Facts and References”But above all, it stimulated people’s imagination“, according to the journal Nature. Nature emphasizes that the possibilities offered by ChatGPT-type systems in the future are not yet entirely clear.”But the generative AI revolution has begun. There will be no turning back.

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