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Dinosaurs arrive in Quebec with ‘Jurassic World Live’ show.

Dinosaurs arrive in Quebec with ‘Jurassic World Live’ show.

More than two dozen life-sized dinosaurs take over the Bell Center this weekend as the show comes to town Jurassic World Live.

Triceratops, Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, and of course the majestic – and menacing – Tyrannosaurus, more than 12 meters long, will set foot on the amphitheater floor starting this evening. Nine species of dinosaurs are featured in this new adventure, but in the same way as in the famous cinematic saga.

So we will be transported to Isla Nublar, a jungle where humans and dinosaurs coexist in a surprisingly harmonious way. But this balance will be threatened by the arrival of Kurt Reed, a soldier determined to sow chaos in this Jurassic World with the help of his mercenary forces.

“It’s a big show: dozens of dinosaurs, fireworks effects, high-caliber stunts, visual effects, motorcycle chases… Plus, it’s very interactive. People will really feel like they’re part of the action,” sums up American Shane Cervantes. , who plays Curt Reed.

A “surreal” meeting.

The actor does not hide this, as he was exposed to a “surreal” situation when he found himself face to face with the majestic dinosaur in the show for the first time when he joined the group. Jurassic World Livelast spring.

“When I was younger, my biggest wish was to play in one of the films in the series Jurassic Park. Today, I spend my weekends playing with life-sized dinosaurs…and get paid to do it! [rires] “She’s more beautiful than she was in my wildest dreams,” he says excitedly.

This enthusiasm seems contagious. According to Shane Cervantes, artists from Jurassic World Live When they enter the scene. The younger one admires the mechanics Jurassic World Livewhile the effect of nostalgia overwhelms the elderly.

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“I’m the show’s antagonist, so I get more boos than screams. But I love it! It shows that my character elicits a reaction. And we all love to hate the bad guy, right?” the actor offers.

Please note that all dialogue in the show is pre-recorded. The actors performing on stage are therefore synchronized with this soundtrack, which will allow Quebecers to attend the rare French performances of the show. They will be presented alternately with those presented in the original English version.

  • the offer Jurassic World Live It is being presented at the Bell Center in Montreal until Sunday. The tour will then take place at the Videotron Center in Quebec from September 28-1any October.