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PUBG Mobile: Krafton sues Apple, Google, YouTube and Garena

PUBG Mobile: Krafton sues Apple, Google, YouTube and Garena

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, from now on Renamed PUBG: Battlegrounds, he battle royale Which has been very successful, to the extent that it is available on mobile phones with pubg mobile. Once again, the players were there, the address Free to play From Crafton It collects a lot of money, but few clones block it.

and this is, Crafton He couldn’t take it anymore, so he decided to attack google browserAnd Youtube And An apple In court, but above all Garenamobile game developer Free Fire: Battlegrounds (call now free fire short and Free Fire: Max, copy from pubg mobile Who are not even trying to disturb the tracks. Crafton mentioned in his complaint The parachute mechanic is completely stolen from his game, but also weapons, armor, objects, locations and textures borrowed directly from PUBG Mobile. Yes, the picture above is from free fireEnough to make goats Crafton.

Obviously the studio is accusing Garena For copying and distributing his game items without his permission, claiming that the developer makes hundreds of millions of dollars from games. free fire, bone Crafton He is also annoyed by An apple And google browser, which does nothing to remove these addresses fromApp Store And you Google Play Store, and pocket a portion of the loot generated by free fire. regarding YoutubeWell, it’s the same battle, the video platform refuses to remove videos from it Play games Garena. Youtube Also leaves online excerpts and movie trailers BiubiubiuQuoted from the franchise pubg without permission Crafton.

So the studio is upset, take an example from that Ubisoft, who also filed a complaint against google browserAnd An apple And igoy, DeveloperF2 . area, A copy of rainbow six sig. After several threats, Ubisoft took action, and igoy then Quick reaction by withdrawing his game from the shopsAnd google browser And An apple He did not raise a finger. Crafton We hope to complain about the games free fire have the same result with GarenaBusiness to follow. Reminder, PUBG: Battlegrounds is being to play too Free to play On computers and consoles, you can find cards PSN to buy cosmetics employment Amazon.

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