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DigiCert announces the availability of its VMC certifications

DigiCert announces the availability of its VMC certifications

DigiCert, Inc. announces. About the official release of BIMI-compliant VMC certificates available for widespread purchase through DigiCert CertCentral®, DigiCert partners, and at With DigiCert’s VMC certifications, companies can display their logo filed in recipients’ mailboxes to stand out on all fronts: improve reputation and brand image, increase openness and engagement rates, and enhance trust capital and transparency of email communications through compliance with the DMARC protocol. Gmail already recognizes VMC certificates, allowing companies to display their logo in users’ inboxes.

Guarantees of implementing the DMARC protocol, VMC certificates represent a key step in a series of actions aimed at enhancing email security, enhancing user confidence and helping them ensure the legitimacy of the companies they communicate with. The advantages are numerous:

● For companies, it is possible to display their registered logo next to their messages.

● For customers, this is the way to know the brand of the email sender before opening it on the mobile email client.

● For marketing teams, it is an affordable tool to improve their company’s brand image.

VMC certificates are part of the BIMI standard, which aims to promote the adoption of the DMARC protocol as the primary email authentication mechanism. For businesses, using VMC certificates secured by DMARC is evidence of their commitment to the security of their email messages and to the protection of their customers’ privacy. DMARC is already a powerful defense against phishing and spoofing: by proving that incoming emails come from specific domains, the protocol helps companies secure their emails and protect their brand, products, and customers against abuse.

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At the end of a one-year pilot program in partnership with the BIMI Working Group, DigiCert is now an official VMC certification resource. Thus, their verification and release teams are available to provide the logo and company authentication service according to the BIMI specification. The BIMI/VMC beta on Gmail has brought many large companies together with DigiCert, who are now happy to be able to display their logo in their customers’ inboxes. DigiCert has also partnered with Valimail to help companies requesting VMC certificates quickly achieve DMARC compliance.

DigiCert VMC Certifications are available today in any quantity through DigiCert CertCentral, DigiCert Partners, or at CertCentral combines security, innovation, and simplicity by automating the issuance, detection, renewal, and revocation of certificates. The intuitive interface and API-first approach make it easy to manage certificates at scale. To expedite the deployment of VMC certificates or for any other questions, CertCentral customers can contact DigiCert support, which is available in 11 languages ​​across multiple time zones.