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Google risks creating chaos and creating an unprecedented situation

Google risks creating chaos and creating an unprecedented situation

Google Pixels may not be the first to get Android 14, which was published and developed by… Google. This is the big question that has worried the little Android world ever since Google decided, seemingly at the last minute, not to release Android 14 this week.

All the media was abuzz with the same rumor on September 5th: Google was finally going to release Android 14! No, the Mountain View giant has released new features for all Android users, but there is no Android 14 on the horizon.

As the journalist pointed out Mishal Rahman On the same first evening.

Since everyone was waiting for the September 5 release, some took the lead, perhaps too much. chataka Confirms it in an article: OnePlus recently confirmed that it wants to release OxygenOS 14 on September 25th. However, it is now expected that the Google version will be released on October 4, 2023, which is the date of the presentation of its Pixel 8 phone, which will be the first of its kind.

Should they wait or not?

The whole question now is: do OEMs have to honor the ban signed with Google regarding the Android 14 release? Do they technically have the possibility to put their version in front of them? Especially if we consider that The vulnerabilities detailed in the Android 14 security release notes will be released on October 4, 2023.“, he explains again Mishal Rahman on X.

For its part, Samsung could unveil One UI 6.0 on October 5 during its developer conference, which would once again be completely unprecedented. If Samsung is one of the good students when it comes to releasing its versions of One UI as quickly as possible, we have never seen the Korean company release its interpretation of the Android version right after Google. However, these are all just speculations. It is also possible that the change in Google’s schedule will change the publication date for all other Android manufacturers.

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