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Le prince Charles salue Daniel Craig pour sa dernière prestation dans le costume de James Bond. No Time to die (Mourir peut attendre) démarre sur les chapeaux de roues au Royaume-Uni.

Die Can Wait, England launches new James Bond

In the UK, 25e The official work of 007, which relates to the farewell of Daniel Greek.

Charles and Queen Mother Elizabeth of England are happy. The two-year wait caused by the epidemic apparently did not reduce the fever of British pantophiles. James Bond’s new work, Can wait to die, Starts on wheels for theatrical release in the United Kingdom on Thursday, critics have been stunned (the reception seems to be over-reserved in France) and, above all, record bookings.

The much-anticipated film, which was postponed for eighteen months due to the epidemic, is a welcome encouragement to theaters that have been hit hard by subsequent locks. The Odeon chain said it had sold over 175,000 tickets for the film in the two weeks since it went on sale.

For their part, Vue Cinemas sold 270,000 tickets before its release and the film, starring the 25th James Bond and the fifth and final Daniel Craig, is expected to be a huge success in the UK and Ireland. Star Wars: L’Ascension de Skywalker, In December 2019.

Odeon said about 40% of tickets are bought by sponsors returning to theaters for the first time since the epidemic, with one-third being bought by more than 46 moviegoers. “Shows the enduring reputation of everyone’s favorite spy.

Reviews from the UK

In addition to this business success, Can wait to die It has received rave reviews since it premiered Tuesday at the Royal Albert Hall in London. “It’s better than good. It’s wonderful.”, Was interested in the film critic Periods Congratulations to him “Moving portrait of an old hero faces his obsolescence”. This chapter shows that “Franchise 007 can always surprise fans”, Daily underlined Defender. Small magazine The sun Congratulations to the waterfall “Simply spectacular, especially in Italy when you close your eyes to a scene involving a motorcycle, gray with fear”.

In the film, the character invented by writer Ian Fleming is taken from his retirement to confront his best adversaries: Blowfeld, the Specter system and especially the terrifying Safin (Rami Malek). Facing his close mistakes, the most famous agent in Her Majesty’s service has the subtle mission of saving both the world and his family. The film is set to release in France on October 6.

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