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Le Royaume-Uni exige désormais des citoyens européens de présenter un passeport et non plus une carte d

Implementing a compulsory passport for Europeans coming to the United Kingdom

One of the latest developments in the UK is that European or Swiss citizens must submit a passport. In a statement, the UK Home Office said it would allow the change “To prevent organized criminal gangs and others from abusing the system”, Because identity cards are, according to him, a document “Insecure”.

According to his data, 48% of false documents found on the British border in 2020 are European or Swiss identity cards. These documents “Fake is easier than a passport”, The ministry says, and some “No biometric data”. “We must crack down on criminals who want to enter our country illegally using false documents.”Home Minister Priti Patel was quoted in the press release as saying.

“By stopping the use of these insecure identity cards, we are responding to the will of the people to strengthen our borders and regain control of our immigration system.”, He added. The new move, announced a year ago, is part of a new immigration plan pledged to stabilize Brexit, Ms Patel said in a statement. “The system is firm for those who want to abuse it and fair for those who play by the rules.”

The only exception to the compulsory passport: Irish nationals on the one hand, as well as European or Swiss citizens residing in the United Kingdom (temporary or not) on the other, they can continue to use their card until December 31, 2025.