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Google Maps affiche les feux de forêts les plus importants aux États-Unis

Google Maps shows the largest wildfire in the United States

Innovative Deployment study, Maps show the current wildfire, at least to a certain extent. If the exit warning is active, the service will display it as well.

Clicking on the fire will provide information about its status: number of hectares burned, percentage of fire under control or links to local emergencies. This information will be updated once an hour.

This function is unfortunately assigned to the United States at this time. This could be extended to other countries like Australia in the coming months. Google should work on another difficulty: data can only be updated if the person is connected to the Internet, which is sometimes impossible due to fire damage.

Another new service, the tree canopy, allows city halls to focus on areas without trees. Trees reduce the effects of heat waves, causing health problems. Currently only US cities are supported, but next year more than 100 will be supported worldwide, including Guadalajara, London, Sydney and Toronto.

Finally, the maker of addresses should be able to easily access certain locations that do not have specific addresses, such as emergencies, visits, or deliveries.

An extension of the current Plus codes, allowing users to generate up to six characters of code (for example CWC8 + R9 for Mountain View in California), local authorities can add a way. Google indicates that the method used is open source. This service is specifically targeted at developing countries.

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