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Despite the playoff race in Laval, Maillox should be playing in Montreal by the end of the season

Despite the playoff race in Laval, Maillox should be playing in Montreal by the end of the season

Logan Maillox is doing well in his first season in the Major League.

What's especially impressive is the fact that he missed a lot of matches before turning pro.

After all, some questioned his adaptation to the next level (including me) because he hadn't played for a while when he was young and needed to improve.

We know Mayox's qualities: he's big, he throws from the right, he plays physical, and he's excellent offensively as evidenced by his 34 points (11 goals) in 52 games this season…

Which means the more things progress, the more we can look forward to seeing him play games in Montreal.

And on this topic, Anthony Marcotte, who was passing by In the presentation by Georges Laraque and Stephane Gonzalez (BPM Sports)He said we should see Mylox with CH by the end of the season:

I'm convinced we'll give him some games in the NHL this year. Maybe after March 8th! -Anthony Marcotte

After the trade deadline, the Canadian will have the opportunity to make four call-ups until the end of the season.

The idea of ​​using one of these call-ups for Mailloux is interesting, as it would allow him to add a little NHL experience before CH's next training camp.

Anthony Marcotte also believes in Maylox's chances for next Canadian season:

If there's anyone who deserves the chance to be called up to play NHL games, it's Logan Mailloux.

But the problem with all of this is that the Rockets are in the middle of the race for a spot in the playoffs and Laval needs the best defender in the lineup.

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Maelox plays on the numerical advantage, on the numerical advantage, he is one of the defenders most used by Jean-François Holly…

All of this means that Mylox is really important to the Rockets and that the Canadian will have an important decision to make.

Do we prioritize the development of young men, who will have the opportunity to taste the big league…or do we prioritize the success of the CH School Club?

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In addition, Belzel has not played any matches for Rangers yet…