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The Basics: 10 Yule Records to Celebrate

The Basics: 10 Yule Records to Celebrate

There are well-kept secrets, forced stops, and ones worth watching. There are above all basics of all kinds that are good to share. For the pleasure of your taste, duty It offers you a gourmet notebook, one subject at a time. December brings an inescapable topic: the Yule record. Here are some of the headlines that set the tone for the festivities. Written by Sophie Grenier Hiroux


creamy pastries

On the 10th anniversary of his pastry shop, Remy Couture decided to highlight four designers who have either worked or are still working with him to “end the year in style. It is important for me to highlight them, because they helped make the company where it is now”. Under Crémy’s signature, gourmets are entitled to three pieces of wood and a cake inspired by popular culinary culture. Cédrik’s record is inspired by bear claw cake and Nicolas smells of the famous Pumpkin spices Latte! Valentine presents an ode to Quebec with chocolate, Jerusalem artichoke, and local ginger brownie, then Valerie winks happily with her giant Ferrero Rocher. Promises!

2202 Mount Royal Avenue East

Rhubarb pie

It’s a fact: For over 10 years, Chef Stephanie Labelle’s den has been one of the beauties. Every joy is a true work of art. When the time is right, people come from all over the city to get the precious. This year, taste buds will have an explosion with the citrus stem with caramel clementine, and gourmets will lick dishes smeared with dark chocolate crusts, praline, and milk chocolate whipped cream. And we didn’t talk about his biscuit tins…we’re actually salivating!

1479 Laurel Avenue East

Bold Vanilla

Since 2018, Paulina Kurzkowa has been offering herself the pastries of her dreams: gluten-free, soy-free, animal-free and without compromising on taste! “I have celiac and wanted to show that it is possible to have something very good [malgré les restrictions alimentaires.] It has taken me three years of work to succeed in making something truly delicious, respectful of my environmental awareness, and made with fair trade ingredients. After a few months of testing, confectioners can now choose between three flavors, including Banoffi’s banana-caramel-inspired pie of the same name. “It’s for the kids or for the kids in us!” “

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3910 Wellington Street

crazy sweets

Fou Desserts, a Montreal institution for more than 20 years, was bought four years ago by two employees who wanted to perpetuate the mission of “creating happiness.” Good things continue to emerge at this plateau address while highlighting the crossbreeding of cultures dear to its owners from Japan and Reunion Island. Records are no exception. For pastry co-owner Carol de Boisvilliers, the three scones are an invitation to escape. In Japan we dream of emeralds, linking matcha tea with lychees and berries; Ghana standardizes the sweetness of chocolate, chestnut and pear; Kashmir gives center stage to the comforting scents of gingerbread, orange and dulce chocolate. Most are available without wheat flour and nuts.

809 Laurer Avenue East

urban milling

Chopsticks fans were hard pressed to not see their favorite address in our latest address book. That’s because we booked it for a special Christmas registry! This Notre-Dame-de-Grês bakery and pastry shop offers two cakes for the holiday season: Ti-Ponch in rum, grape, vanilla and chestnut flavours, and Dolce Vita with its brownie, mousse and daquaise in three chocolate shades. The echoes say that the Maple Panettone is so divine that it is best to run after reading these lines.

6151 Monkland Street


Gael Federeker

“Christmas is the highlight of our year,” the pastry chef said on the spot when asked about Yule Records. In the summer, Gaël Vidricaire decides on a topic, and then begins his research work. “The pastries are generous, and when there’s a story to go with it, it becomes more than just a cake,” she says. “We’ve been through a lot this year. I asked myself: What makes all this make sense?” The result of his reflections: six records with names that make you smile, including a sense of balance with a confit of sea-buckthorn berries and chestnut cream or even a sensation underneath that combines pear and chocolate .

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200 Karimazi Street West

in Bulai

It’s good to sample year-round desserts with all the flavors of Quebec from Chez Boulay. And in Yule’s record version, it sets a unique tone on New Year’s Eve. Honey from their own hives, black currants from Ile d’Orleans, pumpkin seeds, buckwheat, Labrador tea … For pastry chef Timothee Piché of French and Ivorian origin, it is a real playground. The only twist he allows himself is chocolate, the “spice vector” he’s combining this year with poplar. With the help of Victor Capelli, it was a pilot work that spanned several months to come up with three creations, including one with Hascap and Fir Balm, a favorite of Chef Beachy. “Firs balm, I’m going to put it all over!” He laughs. When I got to Quebec, it was the first spice I discovered. I Like Him! “

42, Côtes de Ballet

Elsewhere in Quebec

Ferry cooking workshop

A consultant in the agri-food sector, Pierre-Olivier Ferry, has seen his plans change with the pandemic. To continue highlighting the expertise of local producers and the richness of Quebec products, he created a gourmet bakery and a ready-to-eat show. The holiday season is another opportunity to continue that mission with Yule’s record available in two editions. One garnishes a rag bun with sweet clover gelato, catherinette, and Saskatoon jujube, while the other combines Quebec hazelnut with fir and maple butter and caramelized lichen gelato.

164 Rue Principal, Métis-sur-Mer

Vs Delights and Chocolate

Here’s a secret that’s being heard more and more often: The sisters who co-own the family dairy bar Passion d’été in Lévis are making Christmas records! By pursuing a course in pastry to perfect their dairy offering, Valerie and Sandra Langlois quickly came up with the idea of ​​making tree trunks while waiting for the hot season to return. Over the years, inspiration oscillates between chocolate and fruit. This year, lovers of the chocolate and hazelnut duo will find this immortal there and lemon lovers will be served with firewood cheese cake Lemon and yuzu. Beautiful, decadent and unforgettable, that’s what they say! Gluten-free version available.

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2235, Rue Guillaume-Couture, Levis (Saint-Romuald Sector)


A name known in the area for 32 years, pastry shop Anne Chabot and Rasmey has featured Yule’s record on the holiday list since its inception. Praline, not aging a little, has become a classic. This year, the owners are also preparing a second classic cake: the “Cocotte” cake made from various preparations of chocolate and mascarpone cheese. “Our philosophy is to celebrate with the family. Sharing a record is a way to celebrate together!” confirms MI Chabot. Don’t want to record? Experts tell us that apple pie is unforgettable.

Three addresses, including 625, Boulevard de la Grape, Gatineau (Gatenot sector)

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