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Delta Plus Group: Acquisition in Australia

Delta Plus Group: Acquisition in Australia

Delta Plus Group has announced the acquisition of a 70% stake in Australia-based Safety Link, which will launch its first geographical presence in a strong region with the aim of coordinating the growth of its “Fall Arrest Systems” operation. Possible.

Established in Newcastle (New South Wales) almost 25 years ago, the Security Connect manufactures, manufactures and markets a complete range of joint safety devices (guards), elevation access (ladders, stairs) and personal security (anchors and lifelines). .

The company employs 25 people and generated revenue of A $ 10.4 million (6. 6.7 million) in its last fiscal year ended June 30, 2021. It aims to generate approximately A $ 12 million (மில்லியன் 8 million) in revenue in FY2021/2022. Its operating profit is reported to be significantly higher than the Delta Plus Group.

Thanks to its design, production and storage unit north of Sydney (NSW), Security Link manufactures or customizes some of the products it sells locally, while other products are sourced from suppliers located in Asia. The company makes up 75% of its turnover in Australia and New Zealand.

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