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In Australia, two rats and a frog escape from a flood on the back of a snake

In Australia, two rats and a frog escape from a flood on the back of a snake

Australia – This is a pretty fun scene. From FrogsDiscovered after being trapped by rats and insects சாரல் மழை EastAustralia Have found the solution: browsing in the back Snake To get out of it, As you can seeVideo at the top of the article.

This scene was shared in three videos TikTok Filmed by someone who lives in the West, garnering over seven million views Queensland. The state was hit by severe weather, causing the water level to rise by more than ten meters.

While the situation may seem funny, the reality is completely different. These animals try to escape as much as they can, and there is no better shelter than the back of this snake. We also see a man trying to catch them with an iron rod.

The footage was released by a snake rescue team called Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers Facebook Encourage people to be careful. Due to this flood, snakes seek shelter and they can be found around or even inside houses.

The group has also received numerous calls from locals. Snakes even took refuge in an umbrella or mailbox.

But these are not the only animals affected by rising water. The videos show kangaroos being trapped in the water or birds drowning in flightless water.

Nine people have been killed in bad weather in Queensland and New South Wales. Tens of thousands of homes were flooded. This required rescue operations not only for humans but also for animals.

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