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Formula 1 |  F1 and the USA, a very lucrative honeymoon

Formula 1 | F1 and the USA, a very lucrative honeymoon

As we know, F1 is in full and strong growth in America – the stands were packed in Austin last month, and 3 Grands Prix will be held on American territory (Miami, Austin, Las Vegas) next year.

The FOM benefits from this great exposure, but of course the teams too. In JuneWe learned that ESPN, the broadcaster of F1 in the USA, is now going to pay between 75 and 90 million dollars a year – that is… 15 times more than before.

This can be seen in particular in the new sponsorship deals that have been signed – American companies partnering with F1 teams.

Overall, the number of contracts between F1 teams and American sponsors has risen 66% since 2020 (and 21.1% year-on-year).

There are currently 161 contracts between US companies and F1 through 2022 alone, which testifies to the extent of the partnership between the two shores of the Atlantic. There were 133 deals in 2021 and 97 ‘only’ deals in 2020.

The latest example comes from Haas, which announced the addition of US-based MoneyGram as a title sponsor.

For two years, McLaren has been filled with new sponsors, mostly Americans like CNN or Google.

As for Red Bull, its new title sponsor, Oracle, comes to us from America. The amount will be huge: we are talking about 500 million dollars in three years (ie more than 70% of the amount of the budgets for one year).

Notably, if F1 teams are associated with American companies, it is not only for the money on offer, but also for their nationality.

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“Another company showed more interest and we chose MoneyGram because the other company was not American.” Thus recently Gunther Steiner announced the selection of MoneyGram.

Ferrari, at the brand level, also benefits: Sponsorship income has increased by 26% in a year.

Finally, let’s not forget that Williams recently moved under the American flag (with Torilton Capitals) and that another American team (Andretti) is currently working hard to join the game.