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Dear Minister Christian Dube, let's talk about “prevention”

Dear Minister Christian Dube, let's talk about “prevention”

Dear Minister, You know, even if there is no shortage of subjects under your supervision, I do not write to you very often. However, let me tell you about the mask.

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Yes. Sorry. I know this is just wishful thinking. But what do you want? I still have hope.

As you know, emergency situations are more crowded than ever. Respiratory virus season is insidious. Do you think that the time has come to prevent the imposition of wearing masks in clinics and hospitals?


And above all, make sure that staff apply it politely to themselves and to patients? At least until the viral storm passes.

A small example among others: This week, I waited a long time at a large university hospital in Montreal to see a doctor. It is clearly indicated that wearing a mask is mandatory for everyone.

However, the staff does not guarantee compliance with the said rule. When I asked an employee to notify patients who did not have masks in the same waiting room, she asked me to file a complaint. Another ignored me.

The result: Since people are tired – and this is understandable – some users and employees wear the mask, others do not wear it or even wear it under the nose or chin.

As an individual and collective precaution – including in crowded elevators (!) – Mr. Dube admitted that it is not so bad.

Imperfect, but effective

Waiting in a hospital or clinic only to wake up infected with coronavirus, real influenza or respiratory syncytial virus caught on site because you were in contact with unmasked infectious people is, admittedly, nonetheless avoidable.

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In the face of respiratory viruses, the mask is certainly not perfect, but its effectiveness, if worn by most people in an enclosed space, is well established. I know you know this better than anyone.

So. My sword in the water ends here. Hopefully, against all odds, he will continue to do useful work.

with all respect,