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“The Lost Crown”: The triumphant return of the “Prince of Persia” saga.

“The Lost Crown”: The triumphant return of the “Prince of Persia” saga.

Both retro and modern, classic and innovative, The lost crown It marks the beginning of a new era for the famous saga Prince of Persia.

We've been waiting for this big return of the franchise for a long time Prince of Persiathe final chapter of which dates back more than ten years.

Since its inception in 1989, this saga has not only extended its tentacles across different generations of consoles, but also to libraries and the big screen; A film adaptation starring Jake Gyllenhaal, achieved great popularity in 2010, despite poor reviews.

This time, it's a complete back to basics like… Prince of Persia offered with The lost crown; Departing from the more modern assumed 3D rotations, we return to the classic left-to-right scrolling formula. But we don't lose an ounce of innovation thanks to complex but intuitive modern mechanics.

New protagonist

So, today we take command of Sargon, a member of the Immortal clan charged with a perilous mission: to rescue Prince Ghassan, who has been kidnapped in a coup. To do this, our hero will have to explore the 13 sectors of a majestic map to unravel the mysteries of this disappearance and neutralize its repercussions.

To do this, the player will have to solve various brainstorming puzzles, pass obstacle courses using the character's parkour skills and take on enemies with great swings of the sword and bow. In other words, the foundations of the saga are brought together and intact here.

Let's be honest, the plot – neither head nor tail – isn't necessarily what will keep players glued to their console. Dialogue is often boring, as well as being mostly written on screen and read by characters in front of a background of still images. It gets boring, plus it takes away a big part of the fluidity of the experience.

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Exhilarating battles

But once this excitement is accepted and absorbed, we are quickly amazed by the many action scenes that spread throughout the adventure. Battles are frantic, exhilarating, and extremely satisfying. The various skills we acquired throughout our journey add to the joy of our exploration of ancient Persia; We learn how to replicate ourselves, teleport, thwart gravity, and even access a parallel dimension.

Image courtesy of Ubisoft

A whole world of possibilities and strategies then opens up that we had a lot of fun exploring and applying during the twenty hours required to complete the main quest and the majority of the secondary quests. .

So a successful return is offered Prince of Persia, making our mouths water for the future of the exuberant saga. We eagerly await what comes next.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown ✭✭✭✭✫

  • Available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC.