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Cowards |  Montreal Magazine

Cowards | Montreal Magazine

as I did Written last weekI attended the movie premiere willDenis Arcand’s latest film, will be released on September 25.

The Maisonneuve Theater on the Place des Arts was packed.

Journalists, artists, politicians, directors of large institutions, all the usual “who’s who” were there.

In his finest clothes.

QMI Photography Agency, Marcel Tremblay

Take his hole

For two hours, Denis Arcand satirizes political correctness and Wokism.

For two hours, the people in the room howled with laughter (because despite its title and subject, will very funny).

At the end of the film, as I watched the audience applaud wildly, I asked myself a question:

If all these people find Wookiee manifestations ridiculous;

If they agree with Denis Arcand in saying that our era is at the peak;

If they recognize themselves in this biting satire of contemporary Quebec, with its angry activists who see racism, patriarchy and colonialism everywhere, and its timid politicians who bend their knees to the perverted demands of the radical left;

Why did the artists and decision makers who so enthusiastically praised the director’s “genius”? drop Are they not doing anything to stop the disturbing encroachments of wokiism in their environment?

  • Listen to Richard Martineau’s editorial, as he discusses current events with Alexandre Dube via QUB Radio :

Why, if they find Wookiee so dangerous, do our creatives remain unmoved when the cultural institutions and donor organizations that are supposed to “make our culture flourish” impose all sorts of ridiculous rules that seriously limit their freedom of expression?

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Why are they silent?

Why do they take their burrow?

Why do they accept without hesitation that we “rewrite” their texts or censor their works?

Why do they fall before false pressure groups that represent only three haircuts, two haircuts, and one haircut?

I posed the question to Joseph Vakal yesterday on QUB Radio.

His response was not long in coming.

“Because they are cowards. They are cowards.”

Locust song

When it’s time to pay tribute to the sly satire of lokissim, the artists are there!

But when it comes time to criticize decision-makers who unilaterally “undercut” performance prices, for example, or who impose ridiculous quotas, conditions, and restrictions that have nothing to do with creativity, we suddenly hear so many crickets that it sounds like Pagnol. film.

Welcome ? You are artists! You’re supposed to defend freedom of expression!

You are supposed to stand bravely in the face of the tanks of integrity that want to crush everything that transcends, everything that shocks, everything that disturbs, everything that is unique, bold, and against the grain!

But where are you as Daniel Boucher sang?

Where are you, Paul Pesci asked?

As I watched all those beautiful people cheering for Arcand’s film last week, I thought to myself: But don’t you see that you are part of the problem that the artist you applaud so warmly condemns?

As Einstein said: “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who stand by and do nothing.” »

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