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Kevin Lambert is no longer a candidate for Goncourt

Kevin Lambert is no longer a candidate for Goncourt

(Paris) Writer Kevin Lambert amid controversy in France over the use of ” Allergy reader » (The reader responsible for identifying elements in a book likely to harm minorities), is no longer nominated for the prestigious Goncourt Prize.

The young Quebecer made a name for himself as an editor Our joy remainsLe Nouvel Atilla revealed that he used a Haitian-Canadian proofreader to check if the character of Haitian descent was credible.

The exercise for “ Allergy reader », is almost non-existent in France, dividing the world of letters. It was particularly condemned by the winner of the 2018 Goncourt Prize, Nicolas Mathieu.

He commented in September on his Instagram account, saying: “Making professionals in sensitivities, experts in stereotypes, and specialists in what is acceptable and bold at a given moment, the compass of our work, and this, to say the least, leaves us wary.”

The Goncourt jury, whose members promised that this controversy would not affect them, rejected this account for undisclosed reasons. He has a habit of preferring consensus over undermined debate.

Candidates for the 2023 Prix Goncourt such as Eric Reinhardt or Neige Seno remain in the running in the second selection published by the jury on Tuesday.

The Prix Goncourt, France’s most prestigious literary prize, has the lowest prize pool ever: €10. But it guarantees sales of hundreds of thousands of copies.

After an initial selection of 16 titles, he narrowed his selection to eight titles. The four finalists must be selected in Warsaw on October 25, then the award will be presented on November 7 at the Drouin restaurant in Paris.

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snow sino (Sad tiger(And Laure Murad)Proust, a family novel) signs very personal essays, one after having suffered for a long time from incest, the other after having to break away from his aristocratic environment because of his homosexuality.

Still in a biographical context, but on a lighter subject, Jean-Philippe Toussaint (Chess board) sparks his passion for chess.

The other five selected novels are fictional, e.g Sarah, Susan and the writer Written by Eric Reinhardt, which tells the story of the downfall of a woman who left her husband.

The surprise of this list is Antoine Senanc, a doctor who writes a medieval suspense novel, set in the time of the plague, Ash Cross.