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except!  Stefan Gonzalez will leave 91.9 Sports in mid-June

Stéphane Gonzalez adds 96.9 (CKOI) sports records to his responsibilities

Stéphane Gonzalez was a popular host at 91.9 Sports. His relationship with listeners and his relationship with George Lara are the happiest believers in the station.

But as we know, He recently left RNC Media To join the La Poche Bleue team. The program will significantly host La Poche Bleue at noon Live on TVA Sports.

So he leaves a huge gap at 91.9 Sports, and even if he did not host with Laraki last year, he would leave a void with the former Canadian player, who is a good friend.

Moreover, in this thread, know that tomorrow morning, the programming for the next season will be revealed at the station and you will get to know who will come to co-host with Laraque.

In short. All to say that Gonzo will have other challenges and will remain a very busy man over the next year with plenty of challenges ahead.

Because no, the famous host will not only appear on TVA Sports and La Poche Bleue. As announced yesterday, he also joined the CKOI team (96.9) for sporting missions in the morning and in the return.

So Gonzo will be doing his lunchtime show with La Poche Bleue, he will also be doing his football show (still with LPB), and he’ll stay on top of “Gages-tu?”, he’ll go on to collaborate on the JiC show on TVA Sports and be on the radio at CKOI twice a day. .

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Sleep, does it come as an option for Gonzo?

Listeners who were disappointed to see him leave 91.9 Sports will have plenty of platforms to hear him talk about the sport over the next year, which is good news.

We note that Raphael Doucet also jumped from 91.9 Sports to La Boche Blue In the past few weeks.


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