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Cofield’s shoulder ‘dropped several times’

We got some very bad news on Saturday morning when the Montreal Canadiens announced that forward Cole Caufield will miss the remainder of the season with a right shoulder injury.

Caufield’s agent, Pat Bryson, was reassured about his client’s future during an exclusive interview with TVA Sports on the evening.

“It’s been two or three months since he had an injury that was tiring him out which meant he wasn’t at 100 per cent, he explained for the first time. We had many discussions and had many tests with the doctors… He could have continued playing, but it was very risky.” Because he could have aggravated his injury by falling the wrong way in. So we made the decision as a team, with the Canadians, to protect Cole’s future, to go in that direction. [l’opération].

“It’s a buildup, it happened a few times his shoulder fell off. In his case it didn’t hurt much, but we wanted to do prevention so that it wouldn’t be worse and he wouldn’t miss the start of next season. We are 100% or 99.9% convinced that the operation will go well and that he will be able to Back to training camp next year.

General Manager Kent Hughes stated earlier this week that he was negotiating with the Caufield clan for a long-term agreement. Does this process change the status of this file?

“We had a lot of discussions for about a month and it was very positive,” Bryson said. The Canadians have made it clear that they will work with us with the aim of signing a contract extension [malgré l’opération]. “

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Manager Martin St Louis admitted on Saturday that the hardest thing to replace him in Caufield’s absence would not be his production, but his enthusiasm. In this sense, Bryson admits that it was difficult to convince him to go under the knife.

“He was so positive he had to learn,” Bryson said. He wanted to play, he didn’t feel bad. But then understand [les complications possibles]. He wasn’t proud to stop, his little smile was the least of a smile they say!

Watch the full Pat Brisson interview in the video above.