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Canucks fans give their support to Bruce Boudreau

There were only two games on the schedule last night, but we were still treated to several interesting events.

Here is a summary of the highlights from the previous day.

1. Canucks fans give their support to Bruce Boudreau

Rumors about a coaching change have been swirling around the Vancouver Canucks for several days now.

In fact, the most plausible rumor currently states that Rick Tucci will replace Bruce Boudreau at the helm of the team in the coming days.

What’s disrespectful and disgusting about this, however, is that while senior management is meeting with the coaches and preparing for the future of this new head coach, Bruce Boudreau is still behind the bench leading the Canucks to the best of his ability.

Boudreau was only signed last season, so he wasn’t even in the position for a year. So why replace it yet?

Yes, the Canucks are bad, but it’s clearly not entirely Boudreau’s fault, which, as Canucks fans understand, is.

In fact, yesterday, at halftime at Rogers Arena during the game between the Canucks and Colorado Avalanche, Canucks fans gave Bruce Boudreau their support by chanting “Bruce there he is.”

Incidentally, Rogers Arena security asked the fan with the sign pictured in the post to stop showing his sign.

It’s a very nice gesture on the part of the fans who wanted to say hello to the coach they loved. The cheers also come after Boudreau’s very moving press conference yesterday morning.

Even the players seem to like Boudreau a lot.

In short, it is very unfortunate as a case. Canucks management is being judged very hard right now, and it’s totally worth considering how they treat Bruce Boudreau.

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Still, it’s nice to see the fans support their coach against the team’s management.

You can see how emotional Boudreau was. Fans love Boudreau, and he remains an important figure in Vancouver.

2. The Joseph brothers receive punishment at the same time

We had a very funny moment last night, when the Pittsburgh Penguins took on the Ottawa Senators.

This game represented the first confrontation between the Joseph brothers, Mathieu and Pierre Olivier, in the NHL, and, of course, the parents were present in the stands for this occasion.

Now I come to the funny moment. At the end of the third period, the Joseph brothers received a minor penalty at the same time, on the same play.

So they both end up in the box at the same time due to being too sticky, giving us a cute moment with the reaction of the parents.

Obviously, Mathieu Joseph should not have been penalized in the match given that it was Pierre-Olivier Joseph’s stick that struck Mathieu’s face, as well as the face of the mailbox.

But on the ground, that bad call from the referees definitely made it worth it.


3. Ten goals were scored in these two matches

As for goals now, there were ten goals in two games last night.

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Here they are all.


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– On the program today in the NHL: 14 matches.

(Credit: Google/NHL)
(Credit: Google/NHL)