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Claudine Desrochers recounts the time she was kicked out of a strip club

Claudine Desrochers recounts the time she was kicked out of a strip club

Host Clodine Desrochers was recently on the podcast Guilty pleasuresand an anecdote about her and her friends being kicked out of the defunct strip club 281 particularly caught our attention.

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Guest on the podcast Guilty pleasuresanime by Maxime Girard-Tremblay and Stéphanie Deschamps, Clodine Desrochers is not available on other coupables, but this is one of the greatest favorites, which is from the beginning of the defense club of dancers with 281 it is active .

Who is participating in the second season of Get me out of here! She talked about an outing she had with friends at the time she hosted Claudine seasons. They went to 281, and bought a dance for one of their friends.

This friend was a little high on alcohol, and made a mid-air move while receiving the dance, thus grabbing the dancer's genitals, which was clearly not acceptable.

So the dancer went to complain to the owner and the group, attracting a lot of attention, was taken out to a place where Claudine Derocher would have preferred to be incognito.

Here is an excerpt from this anectode:

The full episode is available on digital listening platforms.

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