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Quebec City Summer Festival: An American Journey by Steve Hill and Matt Lange

Quebec City Summer Festival: An American Journey by Steve Hill and Matt Lange

Since we still can’t cross the American border, the tunes of “Americana” came to us on Sunday evening, the fourth evening of the Summer Festival. Superstar Steve Hill and celebratory Matt Lang provided an evening well rooted in the blues and country traditions of our neighbors to the south. Guitars were king, the styles multiplied tenfold in every way.

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The two Quebec stars, who both excel at speaking English, take turns in their own way of exhilarating audiences at the Armory.

The journey began with creator Steve Hill, who debuted three tracks appearing on his latest album, desert trip, neatly written through a road trip in the United States of America. A smooth start on the roads of California, shaken by his cavernous voice that carried, among other things, dark and wonderful I will not do.

“It’s like the good old days,” FEQ’s usual sighed, before changing his mind in front of the distant audience.

After a few pieces to warm up, Steve Hill, in formula one man band, he seemed fully embodied, possessed by his music, and the rest of the ride was pedaling to the floor. The man of the orchestra was driving at full speed, alone on the stage, harmonica in his mouth, guitar in hand, beating rhythms with his feet: there is nothing to test.

The audience cheered at the dexterity of their fingers on the strings displayed on the giant screens on either side of the stage. What about frenzied solos Johnny Wabo song And the Christmas blues? “Awesome” is a very weak word. The audience rewarded him with very wondrous cries … And the main party, meanwhile, put on the robe of a superhero.

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It’s nice to be able to do it all on your own, but Steve Hill has its limitations. Musician Dimitri Lebel Alexander came to promote steel pedal For a few pieces, adding more rock sound.

What can we add to this already escalating concert? copper! Three musicians came to raise the energy level. Steve Hill saved the brass for a few new – and solid – songs that will be on his next album, the one that was due to be released before the pandemic. Something that makes your mouth water.

Matt Lang Festival

Festival-goers then headed to Nashville at about 9:30 p.m., with Matt Lang at the head, who was on hand, and was patient with the idea of ​​turning up the decibel. He walked on the boards of FEQ for the first time in his young career, while the festival hasn’t had a country title since 2017.

Matt Lang

Images courtesy, PHILIPPE RUEL

Matt Lang

With his four musicians, he published his music new country In an active formula like its predecessor, except that the audience had, this time, just enough to shake the ass even more. In fact, it started with getcha, his dancing song, urging the onlookers to stand up and dance lightly, the security guards watch her with stern eyes.

Once again, guitars — and jeans — were in the spotlight, as Lang and his crew sailed on his two albums, including MoreThat started a few months after the outbreak of the epidemic. Although he doesn’t yet have the rich recording of someone who played before him, Matt Lang has stocked his repertoire with a few country classics as well as songs on loan from AC/DC (stunned) et al. Brian Adams (summer year 69), which adhered somewhat to its stock, but was demonically effective.

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Lang, who mastered the codes new countryIntroduced some slowdown that allowed couples to cuddle. The concert ended with enthusiastic cries from the delighted crowd. This kind of entertainment show, after what we just went through, is really good.

Comedians Alexander Barrett and Mehdi Bousaidan will perform on Monday evening as part of the Friends of the Environment Festival.