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Circuit LIV: Tiger Woods no longer speaks to Bryson DeChambeau

The decision to join the LIV Tour and leave the PGA has eroded many relationships in the world of professional golf, and Bryson DeChambeau and Tiger Woods’ decision was no exception.

DeChambeau was one of the PGA’s biggest stars when he signed a deal worth more than $125 million on the Saudi-funded Tour last June.

His decision, like that of the dozens of golfers who imitated him, was received very coldly by the PGA’s most loyal athletes.

The Californian confirmed that despite his solitary nature, he has kept in touch with many of his former peers, including Jordan Spieth and Will Zlatoris.

However, Dechambeau, laughing, told reporters in Winter Garden, Florida, that they could “guess” who he was no longer talking to.

“I wouldn’t betray anyone. He was a great friend of mine,” he said of Woods, according to USA Today. I wished him a happy birthday. So. He has his vision for things.

“We have an opportunity to grow the sport and I hope one day you will understand our point of view.”

Besides, DeChambeau has not missed a PGA since joining the LIV circuit.

“I don’t regret anything. I loved the fans and the people who came to cheer for me. But we’re slowly starting to get fans. People are increasingly understanding our model and they like the concept of teams. From what I’ve seen, things are going in the right direction.”

Before accepting the Saudi Grand Prix, Dechambeau won the 2020 US Open and seven other PGA Tour titles.