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“Mike Ward Buzz” is going to fly to Europe

Two million listeners listen to it every month, Mike Ward eavesdropped It’ll hit the road to Quebec and even Europe, I knew Newspaper. The popular comedy podcast will visit four cities in the Old Continent with surprise guests. “My ultimate goal is to have a Blanche Jardin in Paris,” said Mike Ward.

to Mike Ward under listening“Sky is the limit ». Last year, the comedian presented two episodes of his podcast at the Peel Center in front of more than 21,000 people, setting a Guinness World Record for podcast held in front of the largest crowd in the world.

This year, he decided to meet my listeners under listening. In Quebec, she will tour eight cities: Brossard (L’Étoile, May 22), Drummondville (Maison des Arts, June 3), Quebec City (Videotron Center, July 22), Sherbrooke (Salle Maurice O’Bready, August 25) , Val-d’Or (Théâtre Télébec, September 22), Baie Como (Théâtre du Center des Arts, September 29), La Baie (Théâtre du Palais Municipal, October 21) and Gatineau (Salle Odyssée, October 27).

He will also go to Moncton (June 16) and Toronto (July 8). In Europe, Ward will present under listening In Paris (June 24), Lausanne (June 24), Brussels (June 26) and Cannes (June 28). All episodes will be available online.

It was the team for the Montreux Swiss Comedy Festival, who will be presenting the Exclam event in Montreal in May, that helped Ward and his team find 100-seat venues in Europe to do the podcast in front of an audience.

“I didn’t want to get there with any pressure because I’m not well known in France,” Ward said. register. I told them to find me rooms that we were sure to fill, to enjoy. »

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Surprise the guests

In Europe, formula under listening It will be the same as in Quebec. In each episode, Mike Ward will interview two surprise guests for approximately two hours.

“I want to go there with a Quebecer and a local,” he said. My ultimate goal is for it to be the Blanche Garden in Paris. I know her and she seemed to like me. But that was when she was semi-known. Here she is a star. »

Among the two million monthly listeners of under listeningMike Ward notes that “between 100,000 and 200,000 came from Europe”. He had been considering for a few years going to do his podcast there, but the pandemic delayed the project.

“Once Quebec comedians come to Europe, they tell me everyone talks to them all the time about under listening, He said. It also happened that Europeans came to the brothel about fifty times [Comédie Club] Just to watch an episode. Each time, I thought they lived in Montreal. But no, they made the trip for it! »

run in

For performances in Quebec, Mike Ward first thought of touring the arenas “because I found it ridiculous that Podcast. But the sound was so bad at the Bell Center that I didn’t want to repeat it for eight nights. »

Thus, only the Videotron Center will have a large capacity for this round of Quebec. The event will take place on July 22, one year to the day after the Bell Center.

This summer, between the dates of this tour, Mike Ward would like to go “about ten times a week” to the Bordel Comédie Club to test out new jokes. In October, he will begin breaking into his next solo show which he plans to release “somewhere in 2024”.

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Tour tickets under listening It goes on sale Sunday at 8 p.m. at

The comedian will host an international gala

On May 20, at the Espace Saint-Denis, Mike Ward will be at the helm of the party BabylonOn the occasion of the new event Shouted. This francophone gala will bring together many comedians from all over the world.

The event organized by the group behind the Montreux Swiss Comedy Festival Shouted It will be held in Montreal from May 17 to 20.

Closing night will be reserved for Babylon, which will be led by Ward. ” Babylon It makes you travel with artists from all over the world. their mission? To bring you into their home, into the heart of their lives, and to share their vision of the world with you,” reads the press release for the event.

The comedians confirmed for the gala are Amine Radi (Morocco), Juste Parfait (Congo), Pierre Tiffino (France), Thibaud Agustun (Switzerland), Eric Brech (Haiti/Canada) and Gaetan Delferriere (Belgium).

“I was told it would be a show with the biggest stars of the Francophonie. They are all comedians I don’t know [mis à part Preach]Mike Ward recognizes. In humor, I know the American stars, but the greatest comedian in Cameroon, I don’t know who he is! »

Travel with a sense of humour

after he did stand up In about twenty countries over the course of his career, Mike Ward states that what he enjoys most on these trips is specifically watching comedians from other countries.

The Montreux Comedy Team plans to rebroadcast the shows presented at Exclam all over the world. Does Mike Ward want this to open more doors for him out there?

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Yes and no. I think the doors that can open for me are already open. I like to travel with a sense of humor. But I don’t feel like working anywhere else but Quebec. I know the Montreux gang is having a festival in South Africa, and if I feel like playing there I like the fact that I can go there, but my dream is not to start a tour in Morocco.”

concert Babylon, hosted by Mike Ward, at the Espace Saint-Denis in Montreal on May 20. For info: