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ChatGPT can replace teachers

ChatGPT has caused a lot of ink to flow in recent months. The chatbot had already replaced some of the deals. According to Bill Gates, robots can soon replace teachers. We are evaluating.

Artificial intelligence can replace teachers

Many pupils and students around the world use ChatGPT to solve certain exercises, prepare presentations, make cover letters, resumes, etc.

According to the Microsoft co-founder’s words, this chat software can replace teachers. Note that Bill Gates continues to support AI. For him, artificial intelligence should revolutionize the world.

During an event organized in the United States, Bill Gates specified it AI-based chatbots will be able to teach young children in the coming months. For him, parents in difficult situations should use this tool to help their young children learn the basics of reading or writing, allowing them to save money and avoid teachers.

Recall that Many editors, authors, translators and copywriters use ChatGPT to get their work done.

A virtual chatbot capable of teaching

In the near future, artificial intelligence may be able to help our children read and write.

The Microsoft co-founder welcomed some projects moving in this direction, notably the Khanmigo initiative, designed by Khan Academy. It is a virtual chatting bot, based on GPT-4, which can help children learn math, science and so on.

As a reminder, artificial intelligence has surprised the entire world. Some were afraid of its development by demanding that this technology be discontinued. Moreover, the head of Tesla, Elon Musk, has also called for the suspension of all research conducted on artificial intelligence. Bill Gates is against it and sees only the good aspects of artificial intelligence. Moreover, he is convinced that it can help humans solve big problems.

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