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CD Projekt RED: new details about upcoming projects

CD Projekt RED: new details about upcoming projects

During a recent investor conference, CD Projekt RED revealed key information regarding the evolution of its workforce and current projects. The company announced that two-thirds of its teams are now devoting their efforts to developing the next episode of the famous The Witcher saga, currently known by the code name “Polaris.” Production of this new work is scheduled to officially begin during the second half of this year.

At the same time, the studio's 37 members are focusing on Molasse Flood, a collaborative spin-off project for The Witcher, which will also begin production in 2024. This collaborative game promises to provide fans of the franchise with an immersive and innovative experience as they explore new aspects of The Witcher's fantasy world.

In addition to these projects, CD Projekt RED also revealed that 47 people are currently hired to develop Cyberpunk 2, which is still in pre-production. Additionally, 20 members of the studio are working on Hadar, a brand new RPG license that looks promising.

It is important to note that The Witcher Remake was not developed by CD Projekt RED, but by Fool's Theory, a studio made up of former members of the CDPR team.

These latest announcements demonstrate CD Projekt RED's continued commitment to creating exceptional gaming experiences and expanding the universe of its iconic franchises.

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