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Three members of the UdeM community receive the Academic Palme

Three members of the UdeM community receive the Academic Palme

During a ceremony held in the Maximilian-Caron Pavilion on May 7, the Dean of the University of Montreal, Daniel Jutras, and the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of the University of Montreal, Frédéric Bouchard, were knighted in the Order of the Order. The Palme Academy of the French Republic, while honorary rector Guy Breton was promoted to the rank of officer. The ceremony was held in the presence of the Consul General of France in Quebec, Eric Lamoureux, and the University Chancellor, Frantz Santelemi, who recognized the merits of the three laureates.

The Order of the Palme Académie is the oldest civilian honorary order in France. It aims to honor prominent university members who contribute to the influence of the French language and the expansion of French culture in the world.

“The recent visit of the French Prime Minister to Quebec, accompanied by the Minister of Higher Education and Research and several university rectors, demonstrated the priority we give to academic exchange and scientific cooperation in the very rich relationship between France and Quebec. By honoring Quebec actors with the award of academic palms, We also recognize the critical place of this cooperation in our ability to jointly address the challenges facing our communities,” Eric Lamoureux announced during the ceremony.

“It is a great honor that France bestows upon our university. The Palme des Académies represent a very special distinction. They honor people who help others grow, who guide generations and change lives,” said Frantz Santelemi.

The ceremony was an opportunity to remember some of the achievements achieved by the three members of the regime founded by Napoleon. We have thus highlighted the crucial role played by Guy Britton in establishing the MIL Campus and the UdeM School of Public Health, without forgetting that he laid the foundations of the AI ​​ecosystem from which the entire society now benefits.

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Frédéric Bouchard has been praised for his vibrant appeal on behalf of science funding, a call heeded by the federal government, whose latest budget dramatically increased appropriations for major grants councils. The Dean also played a leading role in establishing the new Courtois Institute.

Finally, Daniel Jutras, after guiding the UdeM community during the turbulent period of the pandemic, gave new impetus to the development of the university by setting an ambitious goal: to become the most influential in the world. To achieve this, he has just launched the charity campaign The hour is braveWhich aims to raise one billion dollars.

The three owners join 17 other members of the UdeM community Decorated with the Academic Palme Medal. To learn more about it, check it out website.