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Numite, specialists in digital crafts in the Gironde

There is no age for having a problem with the internet, worrying about transferring personal data or wondering when to renew their computers. in Gironde, Numite specializes in digital crafts. As close to the population as possible, it has earned a reputation thanks to word of mouth.

Jean-Christophe Henri, CEO of Numite, explains what digital craftsmanship means: “Today everyone has a digital life, individuals as well as professionals and societies. Everything is connected and we find ourselves facing situations where we don’t really know what to do. If there is too much manipulation, the person doesn’t really know where to go”.

Digital life adjustments

Jean-Christophe Henri often intervenes in companies where many procedures are now automated, prompting people to find themselves alone behind their screens: “The idea is to put ourselves in a position to reassure them that they have enough thoughtful advice in their digital lives.”.

“I’ll give a counterexample: you go see a nutritionist and you go and make adjustments to your dietary life with him. It’s the same for us, but with digital life.”, admits the CEO of Numite. Whether it’s creating a website, improving management software, getting support in case of online fraud, Numite helps Girondins in many steps.

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