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Cath explains why Stephanie reacted so strongly after her departure from Big Brother Celebrities

Cath explains why Stephanie reacted so strongly after her departure from Big Brother Celebrities

This Sunday in Celebrity Big Brother, we were entitled to a double eviction, which did not fail to make a stir in the house. After PL Cloutier was abandoned in the traditional fashion, we had a week of fast-track, played in less than an hour, at the end of which Cath “Peach” Paquin had to say goodbye to his Three Musketeers alliance. It didn’t happen without tears.

We were particularly surprised to see Stefan Harvey’s reaction to Cath’s departure, when she herself was the one who put her on the block, replacing Claudia. Stephanie first burst into tears, before angrily attacking Eddie, who she said was ” break his game By voting outside Cath. But why this reaction?

In an interview, Cath “Beach” assured us that she was part of a secret alliance with Stephanie and Lisan and that he was not shown on camera: What people didn’t see was that I was really in a big league with Steve and she didn’t want to put me in the center. But because of her talk, she had no other choice. »

She adds: If I only had a minute to talk to her between the vet and exclusion, I would have told her that if she put me against Leo, I wouldn’t work out. Lights only against Leo, I do not pass. But I didn’t have time to talk to him. I lost an ally. For his match, it wasn’t like that. »

unlike PL Cloutier who was shocked while watching episodesCath had no surprises: I was amazed at how accurate I was. I knew everything at home, no sense. So much so that nothing surprised me. She explained that her main alliance, the Musketeers, also had connections with many people in the house, such as Martin, Stephanie and Marc Antoine. ” My greatest strength was the bond of trust I had with everyone. »

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In that sense, she believes nothing was done by her trio to lead her out: People just wanted a triple break and I walked out. I will not change our game. »

Moreover, Cath believes that Martin has every chance to go far in the adventure. He managed, according to her, to attract the trust and appreciation of his peers. On the other hand, PL Cloutier had the impression that Martin would soon make a mistake that would lead him to his downfall. Who Cath or PL would be right according to you?