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Viewers have a lot of ideas about who could replace Patrick Howard in La Tour

Viewers have a lot of ideas about who could replace Patrick Howard in La Tour

After the column book It’s just a TVwho submitted their suggestions to replace Patrick Howard to the tower (see them here), the public has also speculated about potential candidates.

First, who gets the award is Sonia Benezra. Viewers will love that the host take charge of the tower. She definitely has the experience to take on this role.

Then it comes in second place Fabian Cloutier Who, although he has no luggage a Sonia Benezra, as an interviewer, has great general knowledge and a suitable curiosity to maintain great conversations as Howard did so subtly.

Guy GoodwinAnd the Gildor RoyAnd the Julie Belanger And the Patrick Grolicks Reach For example, but not limited In third place. They are truly charming characters that we like to find four evenings a week on our televisions.

Other names given by the audience include Jane Mark BarnettAnd the Mitso JilinasAnd the Francois MorencyAnd the Joselito MichaudAnd the Jean Francois MercierAnd the Serge DenoncourtAnd the Andre RopitelAnd the Stefan Russo And the Patrice Lecuyer.

Although they are all interesting people and have something to contribute to the original concept of the towerSome have loyalties to other networks or obligations elsewhere that prevent them from taking on such a difficult task. Because of the workload, Patrick Howard had to leave the boat. Listen to his solemn and heartbreaking speech here.

Find out here who will welcome Patrick Howard this week at La Tour.