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Cardinal Parolin says: “A bishop lays down his life for his flock.”

Cardinal Parolin says: “A bishop lays down his life for his flock.”

Peter’s Basilica in Rome, the Vatican’s Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, bestowed the episcopal ordination on Bishop Gianluca Beresi, who was appointed by the Pope as Apostolic Nuncio to Zambia and Malawi last month. For him, the bishop’s job is to be a “guard” who maintains unity and hope among the faithful.

Amedeo Lomonaco – Vatican City

What is the bishop called to do? This crucial question was marked by Cardinal Pietro Parolin’s homily during the Mass for the episcopal ordination of Bishop Gianluca Peresi, appointed by the Pope on June 5 to two African countries: Zambia and Malawi. The Vatican’s foreign minister said the bishop is especially invited to bring “Good news for the miserable“and for”Healing the wounds of the brokenhearted“.

The bishop warns the community of any danger

The cardinal added that the bishop is “sign of ChristRecalling the words of Pope Francis during his apostolic trip to Canada:Precisely because we are a sign of Christ, the Apostle Peter exhorts us: Feed the flock, lead it, and do not let it go astray while doing your business. Take care of her with devotion and tendernessThe bishop, which the bishop further emphasized, is like “Good guardwho, clearing the horizon,He warns the community of any approaching dangerA good guard says.In listening to the word of God, in prayer, in reciting the sacraments, in humility and love, the powerful weapons with which to overcome all obstacles and to preserve fraternal cohesion and lively hope.”To teach with authority and without tyranny, to rule firmly and at the same time meekly, to distribute the Bread of Life and all the efficacy of the Sacraments.“, stressed the Cardinal Bishop, “He finds in Christ a model so fine and sublime that he can, at first, instill in him a kind of crippling fear. And it could be so, if only there were not a wonderful meeting between the mighty and gentle action of the Holy Spirit – which consecrates and strengthens, comforts and strengthens – and the confident and persistent prayer of the episcopate and of the whole Church“.

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Looking at the Good Shepherd

In his homily, Cardinal Parolin also noted that a bishop was called upon to turn his gaze toward “theThe heart of Jesus that shines with infinite love“To the Good Shepherd”Willing to give his life for the sheep” And “Don’t run away from the wolvesThe Vatican’s foreign minister said that the bishop is “He invited him to focus all his attention on “that heart which shines and radiates charity.”“”, on this “source of mercy“which refuses no one and offers to all”Declaration of true joy in liberationThe invitation which the bishop must accept isTransform every emotion of the heart in an integrated manner and transfer it to God.”He who looks at the crucified LordCardinal Parolin explained, recalling the words of St. Bonaventure which the Church remembers today,Celebrate Easter with himThe bishop is invitedShow the kindness of Christ’s yoke to lift the sad yoke of sin from the shoulders of those entrusted to Him.“.

Transfer of the word of the Pope

Finally, Cardinal Pietro Parolin recalled the specific mission entrusted to Bishop Berici: “To reach the pope’s word to churches and governmentsFrom the countries where he was sent on a mission, but also to beA tireless peacemaker in this world turbulent with wars and bloody conflicts“and participate in the promotion of the defense of”Fundamental human rights, so often threatened by ideologies that exploit and manipulate them in the name of a humanism that, in fact, is no longer humanOn this mission, the cardinal was invited to be “An authentic bridge capable of presenting to the universal Church the needs, problems, hopes and fears of the various local churches, making them aware of the paternal concern for the successor of the Apostle Peter.“.

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Bishop Berici joined the Diplomatic Service of the Holy See on July 1, 2001 and has served in the Apostolic Nunciature in Mexico, Haiti, Malta, Angola, Brazil, Sweden and Spain, as well as in Portugal.