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Florida heat wave: Sea temperature rising

Florida heat wave: Sea temperature rising

The ocean is usually a source of chill for Floridians, but that wasn’t the case last week as water temperatures reached 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

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The situation was worse in the south of the state where an offshore buoy recorded temperatures as high as 97 degrees Fahrenheit on Tuesday and Wednesday. We note that temperatures then dropped Thursday (94 degrees Fahrenheit) and Friday morning (88 degrees Fahrenheit), US media reported CBS News.

Atlantic temperatures have been breaking records for months, Stephanie Abrams, a meteorologist with The Weather Channel news, told CBS Mornings.

“Not only are we seeing heat in the Pacific Ocean with an El Niño formation, but also over the North Atlantic. Water temperatures near Miami [avoisinent les 95°F]She said.

According to Leif Williamson, who studies coral reefs at the University of Miami’s Coral Reef Futures Lab, coral bleaching events have occurred in the Belize region, “which is really concerning in early summer.”

“We’re only in July. This heat will continue to build up and these corals will have to deal with dangerously hot conditions for much longer than usual.

Higher water temperatures also pose greater risks of toxic blooms in the ocean, a phenomenon known among other things as red tides. This could endanger marine life, according to CBS News.