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Lotto Max: Little dreams of a huge jackpot

Lotto Max: Little dreams of a huge jackpot

A retired Istrian couple finds it difficult to realize that they have just won $55 million in Lotto Max, and they plan to make rather simple dreams come true.

“I went to check the ticket, and it said 55 million, but I couldn’t believe it,” Jean Larocque, who won the jackpot in the Halloween lottery, explained at a press conference on Monday.

He said the Coaticook pensioner then ran to see his partner, who was making Scottish oatcakes, to tell her they had won the jackpot. But the latter also had a hard time believing the man famous for being a great joker.

Katherine Ennis and Jean Larocque, of Coatecook, Estrie, won $55 million on Halloween during the Oct. 31 drawing.

Photo courtesy of Lotto Quebec

“He turned a little white, started shaking and sweating, so I wondered what was going on, and then we checked the ticket at least four times,” his partner, Catherine Ennis, added.

To make sure he didn’t lose his precious ticket, the big winner slept with it.

“I checked several times that it was still there,” he said, admitting that he felt dizzy when he thought about the size of the gain.

“We hope it won’t change our lives too much,” M saidI Ennis.

Lotto Max: Little dreams of a huge jackpot

TVA News/QMI Agency

Keep it simple

The couple, who had a dental practice, admitted they had not slept or eaten much in the past few days. After some thought, they decided that he would keep a simple life.

“We never make a purchase without thinking about it for a few weeks,” said the new millionaire, who has tried his luck in the lottery from time to time.

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“We’ve always had one car, so we thought maybe we could buy a second car. But we’re not sure yet.”

Above all, the couple plans to please their loved ones and donate to organizations they have already targeted. However, they preferred not to mention the people who would receive the donations.

In fishing

To celebrate this major award, Mr. Larocque is thinking of spending a few days in the waters of a river in Scotland, where the waterways are famous for their extreme beauty.

“I’m going fishing. I was introduced to this when I started my retirement three years ago. I haven’t caught a trout yet, so that tells you how lucky I am,” he said with a smile.

The latter has also consulted a financial planner so as not to burden him.

“Everything is organized, it’s fun, and you don’t have to think about it anymore,” Mr. Larocque said.