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By correcting these shortcomings in 6a, it will eliminate the competition

New indiscretions point in the direction of the Google Pixel 7a with a revised technical sheet considerably higher than the Pixel 6a. Enough to shake up the competition in the medium term.

With the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, Google has proven that it can finally worry the competition. This time, it is its next mid-range smartphone, the Pixel 7a, which will correct the major flaws of the Pixel 6a. If the details shared below are correct, it could hit the future phone from the American giant hard.

How Google Pixel 7a plans to boost its game

suggestion Pixel 6a is very good for less than 500 eurosGoogle has had to make some sacrifices compared to its “premium” models. This translates to using less noble materials, an excellent but spot-on camera block, or even a basic screen refresh rate. Google Pixel 7a can bring a breath of fresh air.

The latest rumors about the Pixel 7a come to us from a developer named Kuba Wojciechowski who on Twitter shares some information he has discovered about a smartphone in development called “Pixel Lynx (L10)”. After assuming there is a “Pixel Ultra” or “Pixel Mini” smartphone, new clues in the Android 12 QPR1 Beta 1 source code make him think it might be the Pixel 7a in the end.

Thus, Wojciechowski had found in the source code a reference to a 1080p screen, but above all a refresh rate of 90 Hz. If true, it will be the first “a”-band Pixel smartphone, for now it’s still stuck at 60Hz, leaving higher refresh rates for the higher-end models.

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The other interesting point is about the signal in the wireless search code. An interesting feature, but it will be (very) limited insofar as it will provide a charging speed of only 5W. All this should be considered with the wireless charging speeds currently available on the Google Pixel 7. and 7 Pro They are 20 watts and 23 watts respectively. In fact, Google smartphones are still far from being Fastest charging smartphones.

Finally some change to the side of the picture

Google smartphones are clearly very much awaited in terms of photography. Google has finally decided to replace this good old IMX 363 camera module from the Pixel 6a, which is already on the brand’s smartphones since Google Pixel 2. A point that could improve the Pixel 7a according to the info distilled into the popular source code.

Thus, 50 MP (1 / 1.3 inch) IMX787 (wide angle) and IMX712 (ultra wide angle) will be included. Unsurprisingly, there will be no zoom unit, as this improvement is reserved for the “Pro” model. As always with Google, its smartphones should benefit from one Best trackers on android updates In addition to new features enhanced by artificial intelligence. case to follow.

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Kuba Wojciechowski