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Une soixantaine de joueurs ont participé à ces 28h de jeu à Gentioux-Pigerolles.

Marathon of board games for 28 hours at Gentioux-Pigerolles

More than a day playing board games non-stop. This is what was shown on Saturday and Sunday in Gentioux-Pigerolleswithin the limitsLa Renouée shared space. He was hired for this occasion by the members of the Cruz association “La Basquel” to organize “Les 28h de jeu”. Started on Saturday at 2pm and finished 28 hours later, this Sunday at 6pm. About 60 people attended. Throughout the weekend.

Among the most daring, those who haven’t slept all this time 5th edition, like the Baptist. “We were three. This is one of the best numbers to play. So we were able to hook up little toys all night long. Playing is really a different experience every time. What makes you want to go on all evening, in addition to meeting people, is discovering new games, but also sharing your knowledge of the game. Secret desires to test something or share something. And that’s the kind of fun that makes you no longer care about the rest‘, he explains.

According to Remy, one of the organizers, the event above all allows For lovers to meet : “For those who are tougher, and who are more accustomed to it, it is an opportunity to play games that they do not always have time to play. Here, we still have a group of players who meet fairly regularly, but we also find people who have less time to play.

This is the fifth edition of the 28 Hours of Play organized at La Renouée.
© Radio France

Thomas Vichard
Some games available during this marathon.
© Radio France

Thomas Vichard
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